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March 25 at 19:05
Trenger drahjelp for å få krysset platformer, alternative nettverk og community's.
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Fikk med globale venner - skapte denne åpne plattformen for store og små nyskapninger.

Dette er plattformen der brukeren blir utvikler og støttespiller, oppfinner og investor.

“One Page to rule them all, One anonymous to find them all, One Page to bring them all, and with openSource in the Deep Dark Web, forever bind them.”
@Greyhatter Yme
Jeg vil spesielt her inne på foraet oppfordre til bemerke seg at plattformen ble startet approx mellom 2016 og 2017. Mener å se hint av felles bevissthet, så tar en liten whois sjekk for fellestrekk strax etter posting.
Tenker at det vil bli nødvendig å passe på hensiktene og intensjonene til mye utviklingsarbeid. Det mener jeg ligger i dette foraets DNA. 

Språket brukt i foraet vitner om nordisk majoritet, noe som igjen kan nyttes i de fysiske prosjektene såvell som møter.

Kaller herved på alle skapere, tenkerne, oppfinnerne, trollmenn og investorer. 
La oss samles og utgjøre en forskjell nå når verden blir endret så altfor drastisk.

Beste hilsener og intensjoner 

Søker @Chris og @Hogne Asap
May 1, 2019
0     :   2019/04/30WILLIAM BINNEY INTERVIEWED BY HANNE NABINTU HERLANDCorruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, IO Impotency, Military
August 6, 2018
The company prioritized and maintained node / server is located here:
April 9, 2018
How odd.  The "out with the old" poll wouldn't post locally to my wall.
April 22, 2018
Welcome :) 
May 13, 2018
Sorry about the late reply.
May 13, 2018
No worries, I'm in checking once in a while, we have various nodes up and running, I'm here to see if there are need for support.
June 13, 2017
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September 20, 2017
That date has passed, there is no apocalypse to be seen (yet).
January 14, 2018
Husk det var dommedag i 2012, så dekan være tendenser til fakenews her ja ;)
January 14, 2018
So the site has been down for awhile, I'we had to many other priorities and just haven't had the time to fix it. But now the SSL cert is up and running again and this node has been updated with the lastest code. So there should now be more stability and better flow of user experience. We are also close to a working Open Source release of this code so for those who would like to run their own nodes, this is right around the corner.
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September 22, 2017
Chat messages don’t get sent. uMatrix says it hasn’t blocked anything; disabling it for this page didn’t help, either. I’ve already sent three messages, they always had '(Sending message..)' above them. At first, I took this as the interface working like a log and not removing that remark after having sent them (given that it’s _above_ the actual message, that is, before it in time-order), but now that I’ve changed pages, they’re gone. Tried it two times more, with plain test messages, they’re gone again. I’ve received the message from SubEther Support, though (including the popup notification that I’ve allowed).
September 22, 2017
Yeah mysql is slow, probably hanging. I need to get this site to a better server and fix the hanging problem. Will update to newest version by next month, we have a few fixes for that.
September 22, 2017
If it hangs on (sending message) it's hanging.
September 22, 2017
Forgot to add this to the post, but the network monitor in the DevTools in Firefox has only shown 200 responses (after some time). Btw, I realize this might not be highest priority right now, but try not to constantly send queries, ok? :)
September 22, 2017
Yeah the new API for v2 vil be GET for get and POST or PUT for post / save and Delete for delete and so on, including long-polling for stuff that will go over a long time with updates instead of sending many requests.
September 22, 2017
That’s nice to hear. :)
September 4, 2017
I have turned off the SSL on the domain because the LetsEncrypt Certs expire after 3months and then it doesn't auto regenerate, so to make sure the site is not locking users out of the system I just removed it until we can move this site to a better server with more flexibility. We do have our own encryption in the system and for authentication using key pairs so there is no exposure of any user details like login credentials.
September 20, 2017
While I appreciate the intent, isn’t Let’s Encrypt’s main selling point that it’s very easy to renew their certificates?
September 22, 2017
Well it's mainly the host that is the problem, but I will move to a new server where I pay for it myself next month, the company isn't focusing on this, we have another project to build a web based operating system so main focus is there...
September 22, 2017
Wow, excellent timing. :D
September 22, 2017
We do have an api connected to other system including out web operating system or meta operating system we are building so I see when people login here from my contact list.
September 20, 2017
Are there already guidelines on how to size profile and cover pictures? What I got isn’t very pretty, the shape of my profile pic is distorted in some places, whereas in other places the shape is OK, but the image is offset. I’ll leave it as-is for now for you to see.
Edit: I’ve actually changed my mind. Should you wish to reproduce, get the old copy from my page or use the original one from .
September 22, 2017
Started on something for that, but haven't finished it yet, new stuff will mostly show up on the testings component:
July 11, 2017
se hvor mange som trader med ditt personnummer/fødselsattest tast inn 11 siffer slik XXX XXX XXX XX    her :
July 11, 2017
Questions about the LEI and the Global LEI System What is an ISO 17442 Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? A Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a unique 20-character string that conforms to the ISO 17442 standard, “Financial Services - Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).” Each LEI corresponds to a legal entity, that is, a legal person or structure that is organized under the laws of any jurisdiction (excluding natural persons). The intent of the LEI is to uniquely identify a legal entity on a worldwide basis — no two legal entities anywhere in the world will have the same LEI, and for any legal entity there is only one LEI to identify it.
June 11, 2017
ytterligere dokumentasjon, på denne linken :
eneste problemet med dette er å få konvertert fra russisk tekst til et mer leselig språk , alle tips til hvordan gjøre det på enkleste måte er velkommen !
June 11, 2017
da har jeg oversatt det første bildet, med russisk tekst- vha. google translate :TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION

TP - 1

L1. Coil (Color als) plastic length Width 50 mm. Winding 1400 turns on
Watch arrow with wire 0.3 mm copper in lacquer

 (Color red) ferrigovaya (description of the ferrite parameters below) tube
300 mm wide 40 mm inner width Diameter 24 mm. 8 mm wall
Arrows wire 0.3 mm copper in the lacquer.

L2.the coil is made in the middle of the coil L1,

L 3 is inserted into the coil L2.

L 3. coil (Color Green) ferrite (description of the ferrite parameters below) rod
Length 250 mm, Diameter 20 mm winding 770 turns anti-clockwise wire 0.3 mm,

The center should have an opening drilling depth from above 200 mm hole diameter 10 mm
The screw must be curled on the top with a ferrite / made in the factory form / in
The hole is filled with PTUTb mercury parameters below, the thread is lubricated with oil-wax

Paint and screwed with a bolt from a ferrite tapered thread does not let go of mercury and water,
Bottom wire In the outlet must be a Phase,


While running the device

Apply 12 volts to 500 mmA but not more,

At the time of launch, the socket will load 3500 watts of wattage
Tlriborashpp and iostaratsya leave sterlets, ZAPPISNROVATI) that would be clean
Bihy 52 Hz

But at the same time, do not forget to plug in the device when connecting 4.9 kilowatts or
Can ignite a mercury coil and explode,

B 4. Winding 35 turns clockwise 3 mm tiotozogyahihi wire copper in varnish
B 5. copper tube diameter 8 mm, 6 - 8 turns clockwise,

BІ. Tube Diameter 8 mm anti-clockwise 4 or 6 turns

1.2. Plastic tube width 50 mm clockwise winding 0.3 mm copper in lacquer
Winding 834 revolution,

On 1,2 the second winding is wound on the top 3 mm copper against the clockwise arrow 84 turn L З, bottom
Closed L2 0 3 with І., 3 mm between the top is connected to the inner coil according to the scheme,

B 3, 3 mm copper against the sentry arrow 84 revolution,

1.4 - 1.5 coil І "4- 1.5 (red) ferrite tube grade 600 HH length 250 mm Diameter with
Outside 40 mm diameter 24 mm inner wall thickness 8 mm. Double winding

"A boring way to skate
Wire O, 3mm 370 winds waving against the hour hand, before the start. On the KIULUDH
And and / CHIV a -
According to the hour hand / it is possible at the moment of disconnection from the coils of the screen with p


TP - 1

L1. катушка (Цвет снний) пластиковая длина Ширина 50 мм . обмотка 1400 витков по
Часовой стрелке проволокой 0.3 мм медь в .лаке

 (Цвет красный) Ñ„eрриговая (описание параметров феррита ниже) труöка
300 мм ширна  40 мм внутриний  Диаметр 24 мм. Стенка 8 мм Обмогка против Часовой
стрелки проволокой 0.3 мм медь в лаке.

L2.катушка всовьизастыт во виу Ірь катушки L1,

L 3 всовывастся во виутрь катушки L2.

L 3. катушка (Цвет Зеленый) ферритовый (описание параметров феррита ниже) стержень
длина 250 мм , Диаметр 20 мм обмотка 770 витков против Часовой стрелки провод 0,3 мм ,

В центре должно быть отверстие глубина сверления сверху 200 мм Диаметр отверстия 10 мм
Сверху закручъівается  ферритом резьба должна быть коиусная /делается на заводе форма/ в
отверстие заливается   PTУTb параметры ртути ниже, резьба смазывается воском масленой

краской и закручивается болтом с феррита конусная резьба не пропускает ртуть и воду,
нижнии провод В розетке должен быть Фазой ,


при этом запустить устройство

Подать 12 вольт 500 mmА но не больше,

В момент запуска розетку нагрузитL на 3500 ватга экелательпо обоц)сватсльиьши
тлриборашпп и иостараться оставить стержеиь, ЗАФІПССНРОВАТІ) что бы чистота
бьыа 52 Гц

Но при этом не забывайте при подключении 4,9 киловатта прибор выкпючиться или
может загореться ртутная катушка и взорваться,

Ь 4. Обмотка 35 витков по Часовой стрелке 3 мм тиотъозигґъяьихі проводом медь в лаке
Ь 5. медная трубка диаметр 8 тим , 6 - 8 витков по Часовой стрелке,

ТР - 2
ЬІ. трубка Диаметр 8 мм против Часовой стрелки 4 или 6 оборота

1,2. Пластмассовая трубка ширина 50 мм по Часовой стрелке обмотка 0,3 мм медь в лаке
обмотки 834 витка,

на 1,2 на верх мотается вторая обмотка 3 мм медь против Часовой стрелке 84 витка Ь З, низ
замкнут Ь2 0 3 с І., 3 мм между собой верх подсоединяется к внутренней катушки по схеме,

Ь 3 , 3 мм медь против Часовой стрелке 84 витка,

1,4 - 1,5 катушка І„4- 1.5 ( красная) ферритовая трубка марка 600 НН длина 250 мм Диаметр с
наружи 40 мм Диаметр 24 мм внутриний толщина стенки 8 мм. Обмотка двоиньтм мєдным

" бмоткой п овод ск ить
проводом О,3мм 370 витков мотать против Часовои стрелки, перед о “Ь Д елїю На КИЇЛУДХ
и и /ЧИВ а - є
по Часовои стрелке /можно в момент разътатьтвания с катушек скр) с р