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June 27, 2016

No-one is free until everyone has access to a life of dignity.
World Peace cannot exist without Total Transparency from every authority.
Corrupt can only exist if their secrets are kept occult. 
Freedom of knowledge is a requirement to extract ourselves from the bondage of money.

Humans can create and destroy which makes laws a necessity.
It is human nature to follow - there will always be leaders of the pack albeit officially or informally appointed.
Therefore we need global governance. 
Not that proposed for us without our knowledge or consent. 
We need to formulate the goals and the laws ourselves and to know them intimately.Thus, they must be simple yet comprehensive.

1. Universal Human Rights of 1948 supreme to all other law.
2. Transparency a requirement from every authority
3. Whistle Blower protection.
4. Patents prohibited.
5. War and production of weapons of war is a genocidal crime.
6. Immunity from the law prohibited.
7. Eat and thrive from the earth but be not a parasite..
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