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September 20 at 22:17
Source for my profile picture:
For the cover:
September 22 at 11:23
Wait, why are those posts not displayed on my wall … Where are they posted? It’s not within the SUBETHER group, either.
September 22 at 11:27
Hm They should have showed up at ur wall if they display like this in the news feed, must be a special case. Will look into it.
September 22 at 11:29
Seems like there is two tables in the database connected to ur main user row so that might be the problem. I will try to find out why it created two rows for ur user instead of one that it should have done when you registered ur account and logged in first time.
September 22 at 11:30
I have changed my profile’s name right after logging in (as one of the first things I did), so that might be why. Btw, as you’re currently active and going after my stuff (didn’t expect this at all, to be honest), I’ve changed to the other (oversized) profile pic again. At the moment, it’s displaying correctly everywhere, though, not distorted as it was the last time I had it.
September 22 at 11:34
Well I usually just use a image editor and fix my images before I upload them. I know this feature is requested tho.
September 22 at 11:37
Well, I expected automatic reduction of resolution to happen. If you allow users to upload abitrary images and serve them unchanged (don’t know if you do), it could allow for exploiting bugs in the decoders of browsers (or even other local programs, should users save those files to disk). Just another point to consider.
September 22 at 11:40
Yeah there is alot to consider but that is why this project have been in beta for a time to see all the differences that need to be worked on, it's easy to make new features but to make it user friendly and working for everyone takes time.
September 20 at 15:03
So, another social network? Its being AGPL is enticing, though the content I’ve seen so far (many crackpots) is not.
September 22 at 11:24
We might change some of it to MIT and give it all out open source very soon, I'm working on making the setup and installation for developers easier, before release. Also putting in a few new features to give an idea of the coming updates.
September 22 at 11:31
how did you find this network? I'm just wondering what is working for exposing this in the search engines and so on ...
September 22 at 11:34
Errrm … I actually already don’t know anymore … I’ll go through my history, then post again. (Seeing that we’re basically live-chatting right now.) There’s also something else about this network that I’m gonna tell you in chat.
September 22 at 11:50
I’ve arrived here via (that link currently redirects to the main page) and signed up in curiousity. Probably not much help for any SEO efforts, as I typed this link off of a screenshot of the application Lunapaint for AROS (the AROS Research Operating System): (that, in turn, I got from
September 22 at 12:02
Ah yes the domain: was my friend's domain who made lunapaint, it was just a bbforum back in the day. If you need to contact the creator of Lunarpaint I can connect you to him. He works here at the office. We are also to be found on irc #friendup on freenode and FriendUP on facebook.
September 22 at 12:04
I do have SEO implemented but seems like it has to be in effect for awhile do have a sitemap running and some meta data and robots.txt.