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Rinnvollvegen 47 N-6657 Rindal
John Eiliv
September 26 at 19:42
(y) (y)
August 8 at 12:35
Gerard Morin kommer med energiløsninger i løpet av August : sjekk han ut på YouTube  !
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September 14 at 18:24
Link youtube linken her når den er ute :)
May 17 at 19:15
Gratulerer med dagen til Alle GrunnlovenSupportere i Norge !! :
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January 14 at 23:36
logget inn på mobilen, og ble da utlogget på mackbooken :) 
January 14 at 23:38
Ja du kan være inne begge steder om du logger på begge steder og huker av på innloggings skjermen at den skal huske loginen. Den checkboksen.
January 14 at 23:40
(y) Takker !
January 14 at 23:25

Advanced Broadband - High Speed Internet Access Via Radio

Advanced Broadband ...High Speed Internet Via Radio (205) 383-1075  or  (256) 489-0112           (Anywhere in 205)               (Huntsville / Madison)          As compared to an internet satellite dish, Advanced Broadband's small antenna is nearly unnoticeable.   A view from the top of one of Advanced  Broadband's "Points of Presence"                            Coverage Updated February 2010: In our many years of providing broadband access via radio technology (we've been doing it since 2004) - we have come to learn customers are able to get signal from many different towers. If your community is not listed here please - by all means - let us know your address. In many cases we can install a small pole or mast if you are not in one of these listed areas and still get coverage. Our radio link test will tell us this. Areas in yellow show some type of coverage. A radio link test will tell us more. Areas in white are either too low (depressed) to receive our signal or there is natural terrain blocking our signal from your location.  Again, a radio link test will tell us for sure.  To request a radio link test, fill our our form on the "I want it!" page. Blount / Jefferson / South Cullman County (Click for larger view) Hayden and Warrior roughly from US 91 (in Cullman County) to Arkadelpha Road, Corner Road, Mayfield Road, Bagley Road, Empire, over to Warrior and Hayden. Madison / Limestone County (Click for larger view) Includes parts of Athens, Toney, Harvest, and Huntsville. Projected Future Coverage Target 4th Quarter 2010 (Including sites already planned and Cyber Broadband Coverage) (Click for larger view) NOTE: We are planning for coverage west of Athens, AL - but do not have transmission sites picked out as of yet.   or                   Advanced Broadband by Contact us by calling (205) 383-1075 or (256) 489-0112     Visit Advanced Computer Solutions LLC at      Website Design by Melissa Silvey and Jay Fuller     nodeid="278">

July 27, 2017
March 4, 2017
February 26, 2017
han gÃ¥r pÃ¥ vannet, og han bøyer et vinglass, han tar en mynt i hÃ¥nden, og fÃ¥r den til Ã¥ bli en isklump med mynt innefrosset, han tar en mobiltelefon, og fÃ¥r den inn i en coronaflaske osv. og mer og mer - leser tankene til folk og mer og mer , blÃ¥ser bunnen ut av en colaflaske .......kaster et kort igjennom vinduet pÃ¥ en buss.   :